Service Projects in the Community

Your university experience is by no means limited to the boundaries of the campus. One of U of T’s greatest assets is the location of its three campuses, within the dynamic, cosmopolitan and multicultural urban communities of Toronto, Mississauga and Scarborough. While in these communities, you are more than students, you are citizens of these neighbourhoods - whether permanent or temporary. We encourage you to engage thoroughly in the life of the city.


Get Involved!

Sign-up and volunteer with one of our Serve & Learn partner agencies!  FoodShare, Pathways to Education Regent Park, Big Brothers Big Sisters at UTSC, and Host Youth Program at UTM.  Commitments range from occasional projects, to one semester or for a full year.

► Volunteer with the From 3 to 3 Program for the Fall semester to work with Children ages 3 to 8. 

► Sign up to our many Workshops and Trainings to gain valuable skills and meet new people.

► Join one of our showcased Community Service Student Groups and help build your local and campus community.